2023 Annual General Meeting

Thank you for attending our

Annual General Meeting.



00:01 Welcome Remarks 

07:24 2022 Financial Overview 

18:18 Benchmark Assessments 

30:50 Infrastructure Projects 

36:10 Horsefly Regional Emergency Spillway Project 

56:42 New Land-Use Bylaw 

01:07:38 New Regional Community Standards Program 

01:12:20 Regional Fire Services Recognition 

01:17:42 Q&A


Welcome Introduction

Presenter(s): Reeve Merrill Harris | Municipal District of Taber Councillors

An overview of the scheduled events and an introduction of assembled speakers.

Presentation of the Audited December 2022 Financial Statements

Presenter(s): Michael Zubach, Partner with MNP

An overview of the audited December 2022 Financial Statements.

Presentation from Benchmark Assessment Consultants

Presenter(s): Loghan Wehlage, Assessor  | Chris Hall, Assistant Assessor

An overview of the 2023 Assessment Roll Summary for the 2023 Tax Year.

Infrastructure Projects

Presenter(s): Michael Keeler, Director of Municipal Operations

An update of recently completed and current infrastructure projects within the Municipal District of Taber.

Horsefly Regional Emergency Spillway Project

Presenter(s): Reeve Merrill Harris | Arlos Crofts, Chief Administrative Officer

An update on the progress of Phase 1 and a recap of the groundbreaking ceremony held on March 17th.

New Land-Use Bylaw

Presenter(s): Tom Anderson, Development Officer

An update on the recent development of the new land-use bylaw and how this will affect residents.

New Regional Community Standards Program

Presenter(s): Bryce Serina, Director of GIS & IT

An overview of our new inter-municipal partnership with the Town of Taber and the Taber Police Service providing regional enforcement services in our communities.

Regional Fire Services Recognition

Presenter(s): Nathan Coté, Regional Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Services

Recognizing the members of our Regional Fire Services.

Question and Answer Session

Attendees participate by asking our presenters and Council questions.

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