Strategic Plan

Strategic Priorities


Asset Management Plan 

This plan will outline the condition and assessment of assets the Municipality owns and help us forecast and schedule our rehabilitation and reconstruction activities. These assets include everything from buildings and furniture to sewer lines and road signs.

Land Management Plan 

A strategy and policy to guide the management of municipally owned lands, including leases for Cultivation (Dryland and Irrigation), Grazing, and Tax Recovery Grazing. For more information visit:

Master Transportation Plan 

A plan that looks ahead and considers our municipal transportation infrastructure needs to support growth and the changing needs of travellers.

Recreation Master Plan

This plan will guide recreation development throughout the MD of Taber.


Land Use Bylaw

The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw is to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within MD of Taber in order to achieve orderly and economic development of land. For more information visit:

Service Capacity Review


Fire Services Master Plan and Bylaw

This plan was developed to provide Council and senior staff with a strategic framework to assist in guiding the delivery of fire protection services within the Municipal District of Taber over the next ten-year community planning horizon.

Long-Term Financial Plan

Long-term financial planning involves projecting revenues, expenses, and key factors that financially impact the organisation. This plan helps us to understand long-term trends and potential risk factors that may impact overall financial sustainability and allows the Director of Corporate Services to address these issues proactively.


Commercial /Industrial Lot Plan

This plan is to identify and protect suitable land areas within the municipality that may appropriately be planned to accommodate industrial or commercial development, without unduly affecting other existing uses or conflict with other Mincipial policies or goals.

Regional Economic Development Plan

This plan will help identify areas for development and growth of communities across the MD of Taber, as well as weaknesses, where more investment and support will help bolster sectors.

Municipal Development Plan

This plan identifies future development patterns within our municipal boundaries and facilitates local planning and economic growth.

Residential Development Strategy

This plan presents a real estate development framework that enables us to describe the complexity of the real estate development process realistically.

Long-Term Gravel Supply Plan

This plan is to assess and manage our gravel supply for the next 50 years.

Target Policy Review

This review is to ensure that our policies are up to date and contain the required information.

Empowering Environmental Growth and Community: The Municipal District of Taber envisions a future where growth and development is not just a goal but a way of life; enjoying a community that embraces responsible practices and fosters diverse economic and cultural growth.

Through sound planning, the Municipal District of Taber is committed to providing capable and responsive local government services through policies and bylaws based on community and collective interests that align with our environmental and industry growth initiatives. We empower our dedicated staff and engage with our residents, cultivating a culture of innovation and responsibility to maintain a prosperous and united community.

  • At the Municipal District of Taber, our values are deeply rooted in agriculture, growth, and community. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation of our community builders, positioning the municipality as the agricultural heartbeat of Alberta. As stewards of this legacy, we value responsiveness, adaptability, and accountability.
  • We are committed to facilitating the innovation already present within our community and showcasing industry prominence in Agri-food production. Responsiveness incorporates merit-based consideration, thoughtful planning, and ensuring that service requests are considered on its merits alone.
  • Adaptability means maintaining focus on the big picture while being responsive to repairs and adaptable to economic, social, and cultural changes within our community. We recognize that accountability is crucial, ensuring residents feel heard and considered. Our decision-making is grounded in asset management and providing a transparent and accountable decision framework.
  • The Municipal District of Taber is more than a location; it's a community-driven force for positive change. We value the trust our residents place in us and strive to facilitate good governance now and in the future.
  1. To provide good government.
  2. To provide fair, effective and transparent governance.
  3. To provide services, facilities or other things that in the opinion of Council, are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality.
  4. To develop and maintain a safe and viable rural community.
  5. To work collaboratively with neighbouring municipalities to plan, deliver and fund inter-municipal services.

Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan identifies our key strategic priorities over a 3-year period from 2022-2025. The Strategic Plan is updated annually as part of our budget process.

Corporate Services Clerk Administrative Assistant
Corporate Services Clerk Administrative Assistant