2024 Utility Rates

View the MD of Taber Fees and Charges Bylaw No 1999.

Bulk water fees

Grassy Lake, Enchant, Hays & Vauxhall Stations$2.78/m3

Monthly metered water fees

Service  Fixed FeesOverage Fees
Hamlet of Grassy Lake$70.35 per 15.0m3 /month (fixed)$2.60 /m3 over 15.0m(overage)
Hamlet of Enchant$70.35 per 15.0m3 /month (fixed)$2.60 /m3 over 15.0m(overage)
Hamlet of Hays$70.35 per 15.0m3 /month (fixed)$2.60 /m3 over 15.0m3 (overage)
* Water reconnection fees (turn off /turn on) $50.00

Monthly residential & commercial garbage collection fees

Hamlet of Grassy Lake$11.00 /month per cart

Monthly sewer fees

Hamlet of Grassy Lake$23.50 /month
Hamlet of Enchant$23.50 /month
Hamlet of Hays$23.50 /month
*Special monthly sewer and water rates may apply to schools and parks.

Payment penalties

Accounts become due and payable upon the preparation and mailing of statements. Payments should be made at either the Administration office or their agent's office. Failure to receive a statement does not absolve the customer of their obligation to pay the outstanding amount.

Unpaid charges that remain outstanding after 90 days may be added to the property tax roll for the affected property.

If water and sewer services have been disconnected due to non-payment, a reconnection fee and any outstanding arrears must be paid in advance before the services are reactivated.

Additional information

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving water and energy utility-related issues.

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70th Anniversary Celebrations!
70th Anniversary Celebrations!