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Agricultural Services


Herbicide Spraying 
  • Road Top – $60.00 per ha + chemical + 5%
  • Spot Spraying – $65.00 per hour + chemical + 5%
Tree Spraying$200.00 per tank – 150 gallons (includes insecticides)
Insecticide Sprayer$40.00 per day (3-day limit)

Grass Seeding

Tractor with Drill with Operator
$75.00 per hour
10-Foot Pan Drill$125.00 per day
Truck Mount Seeder$15.00 per day
3 Point Hitch Seeder$15.00 per day
Quad Seeder with Operator$45.00 per hour


Tractor and 15-Foot Rotary Mower with Operator$75.00 per hour or $60.00 per ha


Traps$25.00 per week (up to 4 weeks)
More than 4 weeks – $100.00 per trap
Bale Shredder$50.00 per day
Tree PlanterNo Charge (2-day limit during busy season)
Branch ChipperPhone for price and availability
Bran Bait Spreader$25.00 per day

Important to Note:

  • If the rental is not returned there will be a $200.00 pickup fee.
  • All rental equipment will be returned clean and in good repair. A $100.00 surcharge will apply to any equipment that is not cleaned prior to return.
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