Municipal Lands

The Municipal District of Taber is tasked with the acquisition and management of land for a diverse array of purposes, encompassing road construction projects, gravel pit operations, utility infrastructure, landfills, recreation facilities, commercial and industrial subdivisions, municipal operations, and tax forfeiture.

The overwhelming majority of the land holdings under the MD of Taber's jurisdiction have been acquired through tax recovery proceedings conducted by the Alberta Government. For decades, these lands have been held in trust by the Government of Alberta on behalf of municipalities. However, recent efforts by the Province have been focused on the transfer of these lands back to municipalities, aiming to bolster local decision-making autonomy and promote municipal sustainability.

While numerous rural municipalities have opted to sell these lands back to their leaseholders, the MD of Taber's governing bodies have judiciously chosen to retain these lands for the collective betterment of the MD's residents, considering the social, environmental, and economic advantages they offer. Currently, the MD of Taber holds title to approximately 62,000 acres of agricultural land, predominantly composed of grassland.

Upon the Province's anticipated completion of the land transfer to the MD in 2017, the MD will have aggregated a land inventory totalling approximately 90,000 acres. These agricultural lands are presently leased to residents within the MD of Taber, a practice that will be sustained.

Southern Alberta's oil and gas industry assumes a paramount role as a pivotal driver of the regional economy, generating employment opportunities and diverse advantages for MD residents. Notably, it serves as a vital source of revenue for both municipal assessments and surface revenue derived from lands owned by the MD. The income generated from the resource sector significantly contributes to funding essential municipal operations.

The MD of Taber approaches the stewardship of its municipal land base with utmost diligence. This section provides access to policy and lease documents developed by the MD for the prudent management of these lands. Additionally, you will find links to websites that may prove valuable for MD residents when engaging with oil and gas companies.

2024 Drought Management
2024 Drought Management