Fire Bans

Todays fire rating is Moderate

Current Fire Rating:Moderate

Fire Advisory in Effect 

Due to the dry conditions that exist and are forecasted to continue, the Municipal District of Taber has issued a Fire Advisory within the municipal boundaries until further notice.

With the Fire Advisory in effect, the public is advised that a higher risk of fire exists. Fire Permits continue to be issued. We ask that you use extra caution while performing any type of controlled burn.

The Municipal District of Taber will continue to review this situation and consider changes to the Fire Advisory if conditions warrant it. There is no desire to have the Fire Advisory in place for any longer than necessary - the goal is to Advise the public of the dry conditions causing the higher risk of fire, and to protect persons, property, and to reduce excess costs to ratepayers.

THIS ORDER comes into effect at 12:00 midnight on the 4th day of October 2023.

View the Municipal District of Taber Fire Services Bylaw No 1956 here. 

For additional information contact:

Nathan Coté – Regional Fire Chief 403-223-1180.

Brandon Bougie – Deputy Regional Fire Chief 403-223-1180.

Please view the Fire Ban Implementation Policy for insight into the types of Fire Bans issued.

View the Fire Ban status for the MD of Taber and all of Alberta at

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