About the MD of Taber


The MD of Taber is located in south-central Alberta neighbouring 6 other rural municipalities. Running east through the centre of the municipalities is the Oldman River which joins with the Bow River at our east boundary. The Bow River defines a majority of our north boundary and Chin Lakes, as well as Chin Coulee, defines the south.

We have access to primary highways such as Highway 3, 36, and 25, as well as a number of secondaries that divide the MD of Taber proportionately. These highways provide great access and routing to all major centres.

Municipal profiles

Population and statistics

Based on the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, the Municipal District of Taber has a total population of 7,447 people.

Rural summary

The population of rural residents totals 5,909 people. Total excludes hamlet population listed below.

Hamlets summary

HamletLocation DescriptionPopulation
Grassy LakeApproximately 4 kilometres from the east boundary on Highway 3856
HaysAt the intersection of Highway 875 and 524196
EnchantIn the northwest corner of the MD along Highway 526259 (2016)
Johnson's AdditionAdjacent to the west side of the Town of Taber126
Purple SpringsApproximately 16 kilometres east of the Town of Taber on Highway 3101

Total Hamlet Population:
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