Winter Road Maintenance

During the winter months, the Municipal District of Taber understands that no one likes getting stuck on snow-clogged roads, so our crews are quick to respond when a snow event happens. Plowing prioritizes the initial opening of routes; widening when permissible while ensuring the safety of residents and motorists. Crews follow a priority system based on the Winter Road Maintenance Policy to manage snow and ice on winter roads.

Please note

It can take up to 3 days from the end of a snowfall event for crews to clear affected roadways.

High-volume and high-speed roads in rural and urban areas are cleared first.

Priority 1 – Paved and hard surface roads, main Hamlet routes, and emergency services
Snow accumulation of 5 cm (2")
Cleared within 12 hours

Priority 2 – School bus routes, Class 1 roads, and other Hamlet roads
Snow accumulation of 15 cm (6")
Cleared within 12 hours (after priority 1 cleared)

Priority 3 – Class 2 roads
Snow accumulation of 15 cm (6")
Cleared within 72 hours (after priority 2 cleared)

Priority 4 – Class 3 and 4 roads, and Taber Airport
Snow accumulation of 15 cm (6")
Cleared within 72 hours (after priority 3 cleared)

Please note

Private roads, driveways, and field approaches are not considered the responsibility of the MD of Taber.

As always heavy snow and winds can delay plowing and alter our timelines. If you see our crews give them plenty of space and room to work. Always drive to road conditions and visit for the latest road reports.

Call 403-223-3142
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Crews continuously monitor and address concerns on all roads, in order of priority, based on weather conditions. Plows are utilized to remove large accumulations of snow while sand and salt are applied to manage icy roads.

The Province of Alberta is responsible for winter maintenance on all numbered highways throughout the MD of Taber.

Ever wondered how dangerous a snow pile can be?

Here are 4 reasons why piling your “Private Snow” on roads is a “No”.

Some residents and property managers have been plowing their driveway snow onto municipal roads, and they need to know that their actions put people and property in peril. Here’s why it’s in your best interests and the public’s best interests, NOT to pile your snow on public roads.

  1. It’s dangerous to others
    When snow from private properties encroaches on the roadway, motorists may have difficulty seeing oncoming traffic or pedestrians. The snow also reduces the space available for pedestrians and vehicles to share the road, and that can bring them dangerously close together in possibly slippery conditions.

  2. Snow piles interfere with plowing
    Piles of snow on municipal roads are also an issue for our maintenance operators because they are obstacles to plowing. A grader and loader may be brought in to remove the snow. Our budgets are not intended for clearing “private snow” off public property.

    When plows need to detour around piles of snow or can not remove snow from the road due to large deposits that must first be removed, everyone who travels the area gets a lower level of maintenance. Our operators make an effort not to block private accesses and driveways during road plowing operations.

  3. Drainage and damage problems
    Piling snow into ditches is also a “snow-no.” Why’s that? Snow piles can interfere with drainage, causing damage to both public and private property. You could find yourself in a costly conflict with a neighbour or the Province of Alberta.

  4. Unauthorized use of right-of-ways
    In accordance with Section 3(14) of our Unauthorized Use of Municipal Property Bylaw No 1806, moving snow onto a municipal right-of-way (eg. municipal roads, ditches, bridges) is considered unauthorized use. People who do not comply may have to pay for the removal of the snow if it is deemed a safety hazard or a risk of damaging public infrastructure or damages infrastructure.

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