Operating & Capital Budgets

The purpose of a three-year operating plan is to provide an overview of the operating activities of the Municipal District for the upcoming years. This ensures that the Municipal District is not only prepared for the projected activities and service levels but that the costs of these activities are planned in a fiscally responsible manner. The result is a greater level of stability in tax rates over the next four years.   

The operating plan also allows the Municipal District to build-in projected increases in annual operating costs.  Examples of this are fuel, insurance and wages; projected inflationary increases in these costs can be included and the proposed service changes affecting these costs can be applied.  This also takes into account the Municipal District’s strategic plan and goals. 

Planning for future operating projects, such as road gravelling, which requires a stable supply of crushed gravel, is included in the operating plan to ensure that the Municipal District is preparing in advance for these types of operating projects.  This can include building reserves over multiple years to supply a project, rather than fund those costs all at once in the year that it takes place with a resulting spike in tax rates. 

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70th Anniversary Celebrations!
70th Anniversary Celebrations!