Dust Suppression

Suppress the dust on roads in your area.

One frustrating aspect of rural living is the dust that is often produced by traffic on gravel roads. The Municipal District of Taber Dust Suppression Program allows residents to apply for dust control on rural roads in front of residences. Dust suppression involves the application of a product called MG 30, which is a blend of calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide solution. It not only suppresses dust but also helps to bind the aggregate into the roadway, which in turn creates a hardened road surface.

We also use this product as a stabilizing agent strategically at certain intersections, roadways and hills to help prevent washboard roads and loss of gravel. View our Dust Mitigation Policy here.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning this Spring, all 2023 dust suppression orders must be paid in full at the time the order form(s) are submitted. Please indicate your preference for spring or fall application (or both), along with detailed instructions by submitting one or both order forms below.


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Frequently asked questions

The municipality no longer uses oil as a suppressant since roads treated with oil are difficult to maintain and can become a hazard due to pot-holing. Applied MG 30 Dust Suppressant is a product better maintained through grading intervals when required.

Depending on the weather, dust suppression application is scheduled from mid-to-late May and again from mid-to-late August. Applying is done in large, volume-controlled batches and prioritized by the order in which application forms are received.

The municipality charges $1.35 per linear foot, per application. The minimum length of roadway treatment is 400 feet. Individuals requesting dust control must mark out the length of application with appropriate indicators (a lathe with coloured ribbon is preferred) in order to ensure the product is applied as desired. 

PLEASE NOTE: If a discrepancy exists between the length of the application marked, and the length indicated on the order form, the product will be applied according to the amount requested on the form.


Beginning this Spring of 2023, we will be switching to a pre-paid format. All orders must be paid for in advance at the time the order form is submitted. Individuals will still be required to fill in the order form to indicate the desire to have dust control product applied, and provide information on the specifics of the dust control required.
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