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Public Works

The Municipal District of Taber maintains approximately 2471km of existing developed roadways in addition to annual projects that include the building of new roads. Our efforts consist of new road construction, road reshaping, recapturing gravel from the ditches, gravel crushing, gravel hauling, oiling, maintainer work, Hamlet work, municipal and provincial inspections and of course equipment maintenance and repair.

Road Construction Crew
  • Build new roads as well as rebuild existing road ways
  • Install culverts for drainage as required
  • Work in Hamlets as required (drainage, water, sewer, snow removal, etc.)
  • Class B bridge inspections are done on behalf of the Province throughout the year
Gravel Crushing Crew
  • Crushing gravel from 8 separate pits spread throughout Municipal District
  • Assist in snow removal operations during winter months
Gravel Hauling Crew
  •     Gravel roadways throughout the Municipal District as required using six truck trailer units
  •     Haul heavy equipment to various projects as needed
  •     Haul gravel crusher throughout the Municipal District
  •     Operate snow plows in winter months
  •     Snow removal in Hamlets
Oiling Crew
  • Patch oil and paved roads as required using pot hole patch machine and cold mix material
  • Assist in Hamlets with water sewer issues as needed
  • Install snow fence
  • Operate snow plows in winter months
  • Assist other crews as needed
Maintainer Operators
  • Maintain Roads using a priority system of school bus routes, confined livestock feeding operations and all other roads are based on traffic volume
  • Grader districts range from 193km to 341km in size
  • Grade and maintain the road system within the M.D. of Taber using 10 full time units
  • Winter snow plowing using the same priority for maintenance with the exception to pavement and oil that we try to stop ice build up
  • *Note private driveways are not plowed by the M.D. except during an emergency (fire, ambulance etc.)
  • Sign installations
Equipment Repair, Maintenance & Fabrication
  • Fulltime licensed mechanic and welder on staff
  • Conduct a majority of maintenance of equipment
  • Repair a majority of equipment in winter months along with staff
  • Welder does fabrication as required as well as regular maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Manage new equipment purchases