What can I burn? What is prohibited?

Burnable debris

Fire permit holders may burn the following items:

  • Paper products
  • Untreated wood (wood or wood products that do not contain preservatives)
  • Yard waste (grass/tree clippings, leaves, branches, fallen trees, brush, weeds, etc.)
  • Straw and stubble

Prohibited debris

These items cannot be burned, even with a fire permit:

  • Wood or wood products that contain preservatives
  • Non-wooden material
  • Waste material from construction sites (untreated wood is permitted)
  • Plastics (including chemical or pesticide containers, silage plastic, grain bags, and baler twine. However, these items can be recycled at our collection site locations.) 
  • Rubber (including tires)
  • Animal manure or cadavers
  • Pathological waste
  • Combustible material in automobile bodies
  • Oil

If you need clarification on what materials you can and cannot burn, please call Administration at 403-223-3541.

If you burn prohibited debris, you may be fined under MD of Taber’s Fire Services Bylaw No. 1956.

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