Roadside Brush & Tree Control Program


  • Intersections (300-meter triangle of vision)
  • Hazardous/overhanging trees that could impair road traffic
  • Snow drifting concerns
  • Trees/brush that interferes with utility right-of-ways within our jurisdiction
  • Hazardous/overhanging trees near sidewalks or intersections within Hamlets

Roadside Brush/Tree control is done to ensure the safety of the travelling public. The municipality will work with and gain permission from all adjacent landowners before any work proceeds, Agriculture department staff will access all tree/brush concerns to ensure that MD crews can complete the work following all safety procedures. The bulk of this work is conducted from November-April, where weather conditions permit.

Equipment Used

Equipment used for brush/tree control include:

  • 1 - Tractor with bucket
  • 1 - Tandem dump truck
  • 1 - Woodchipper
  • 6 - Chainsaws
  • 2 - Trucks
  • 1 - Trailer