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Parks & Recreation

Public recreation is an important aspect of daily life that enables individuals to become fit, relaxed, and energized; engage in enriching activities; enhance relationships and participate in their communities. 

The MD of Taber has Adopted a Community Development Approach to Recreation Service Delivery. The Municipality provides supports that enhance and build capacity for involvement and engagement of citizens and community-based organizations to initiate, develop, and administer programs, services, and facilities to the community per our Municipal Parks and Recreation Areas Bylaw No. 1974.

Our Vision

A community based on the principles of openness, trust, and integrity; social and cultural vitality; and economic and environmental sustainability.

Our Mission

To provide excellence in governance and service that will promote a safe, healthy, diverse, and dynamic rural community.

Our Strategic Priority for Community Capacity

Invest in the Community.

Visitors are encouraged to experience what our parks, campgrounds, and recreation areas have to offer.