Parks, Landfills and Recycling

Parks Management

The Agricultural Services department supervises all contracted Park Manager positions and assists in the day-to-day operations of our parks.

Agricultural Services is responsible for recruiting all summer staff required for park operations, which is managed and supervised by the Park Manager, and provides firewood for our parks through its brush and tree trimming program. 

Agricultural Services submits a budget and capital requirements for Council approval on all park operations. A Park Committee is also formed comprised of members from Council, an Administrator, the Ag Fieldman, and the Park Manager.

Learn more about our Parks and Campgrounds.

Waste Transfer Stations & Landfills

Agriculture Services is responsible for weed control on all municipally-owned Waste Transfer Stations and Landfills and will assist in operations when needed.

Learn more about our Waste Transfer Stations and Class III Landfills.


The Agricultural Services department manages all recycling trailers in the Hamlets of Grassy Lake, Hays, Enchant, and Purple Springs and the MD Shop in Taber. Agricultural Services ensures all trailers are tidy, clean, and well maintained, and transports all recycled material to a designated recycling depot regularly.

Farmers learn more about our Ag Recycling Program.

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