Parks, Landfills and Recycling

The Agriculture Service Board (ASB) provides the overall supervision of all contract Park Managers and assists in the day-to-day operations of the parks. The ASB will hire all summer staff required by park operations, the park manager will provide supervision while the staff is working within the park. The ASB is responsible for providing firewood from its Brush and Tree clearing work. The ASB will provide the budget information and capital requirements for the parks and obtain council approvals. There will be a Park Committee in place with membership from Council, Administrator, Ag Fieldman, and Park Manager.

The ASB will ensure that all Landfills receive weed control as needed, the ASB will also assist in Landfill operations whenever required.

The Recycle Trailer Program is also under ASB control and they will ensure that all trailers (Hays, Grass Lake, Enchant, and Purple Springs) are well maintained and that all re-cycled material is taken to a proper recycling facility. All Re-cycling trailer sites will be kept clean and tidy to ensure proper use.

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