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Development Notices

The Development Authority of the M.D. of Taber has approved the issuance of the following development permits:

Notice Area - Oldman River South (Taber Times)

Dated at Taber this 17th day of March 2021

13-21; Lot 4 Block 1 Plan 0911467 in SE 18-11-14-W4; Construct a dwelling

16-21; Lot 4 Block 5 Plan 1711192 in SW 21-9-16-W4; Construct a dwelling

18-21; NW 31-10-15-W4; Construct a dwelling and shop

19-21; Lot 6 Blk 2 Plan 0813596 - 12 Countrylane Blvd; Waiver of 150’ centreline setback for fence



HO6-21; 101005 Rge Rd 190 in SW 7-10-18-W4;  Art & photo framing

HO8-21; 93012 Rge Rd 163 in SE 21-9-16-4; Welding shop

HO9-21; 111064 Hwy 864 in NE 11-11-17-4; Portable welding

HO16-21; 93009A Rge Rd 164 in SW 21-9-16-4; Woodworking & upholstery

HO21-21; 119 Campbell St. in Johnsons Addition; Storage for insulation business

HO43-21; 93080 Rge Rd 164 in NE 20-9-16-4; Sell used vehicles

HO44-21; 170042 Twp Rd 95AA in SW 36-9-17-4; Office only - consulting business

HO46-21; 101073 Rge Rd 152 in NW 11-10-15-4; Off-site insulation business

HO51-21; 321 - 2 Street N. in Grassy Lake; Massage therapy

HO53-21; 102068 Rge Rd 165 in NW 17-10-16-4; Office only - construction business

HO57-21; 95026 Rge Rd 161 in SE 35-9-16-W4; Gunsmithing

HO58-21; 101004 Rge Rd 161in SE 11-10-16-W4; Off-site oilfield services

HO60-21; 162010 Twp Rd 100 in SE 3-10-16-4; Dog grooming

Notice Area - Oldman River North (Vauxhall Advance)

Dated at Taber this 18th day of March 2021

14-21; Lot 13 Block 14 Plan 0814255 in Enchant; Move in previously occupied dwelling

15-21; Block 27 Plan 5814GX in SW 3-13-16-W4; Construct a dwelling

17-21; Lots 16-17 Block 1 Plan 438BD in Enchant; Shipping container on commercial lot



HO14-21; 145021Rge Rd 164 in SW 33-14-16-4; Dog breeding & grooming

HO24-21; 172062 Hwy 526 in SW 15-14-17-4; Hair salon

HO41-21; 160028 Twp Rd 114A in NE 25-11-16-4; Sell trailers (flat deck, utility)

HO61-21; 165039 Hwy 524 in SE 7-13-16-W4; Massage Therapy

The issuance or refusal of the above mentioned permits are subject to appeal. If an appeal is to be lodged, it shall be filed with:

Municipal District of Taber Subdivision and Development Appeal Board – Arlos Crofts, CAO

4900B – 50 Street, Taber, Alberta T1G 1T2 

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board must receive your notice of appeal within 21 days after the date of this notice.