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Development Notices

The Development Authority of the M.D. of Taber has approved the issuance of the following development permits:

Notice Area - Oldman River South (Taber Times)

Dated at Taber this 7th day of October 2020

DP 86-20; Lot 9 Block 1 Plan 0614274 in NE 7-9-16-4; 91066 Rge Rd 165; Construct shop with lean-to

DP 87-20; NE 12-9-17-W4;  91084 Hwy 36; Construct basement and entry

Notice Area - Oldman River North (Vauxhall Advance)

Dated at Taber this 8th day of October 2020

DP 85-20; Lot 8-9 Block 18 Plan 4072GX; 740 – 7 Street, Hays; Construct detached garage

The issuance or refusal of the above mentioned permits are subject to appeal. If an appeal is to be lodged, it shall be received by the Development Appeal Board within 21 days from the date of this notice.  An appeal fee of $400.00 is applicable.