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Corporate Services Department

The Municipal District of Taber Corporate Services Department provides support to ratepayers, councillors, and all internal departments within the Municipal District of Taber.

Cash Receipts & Billings

The Corporate Services Department is responsible for receipts and billing.  Individuals and businesses who need to pay property taxes, utilities and accounts receivables can use the following methods (postdated cheques are accepted): 

  • In person at the Municipal District of Taber Administration Building located at 4900B – 50th Street Taber, AB during regular office hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 pm by cash, cheque or Interac debit.  
  • Payments by cheque may be placed in the Municipal District of Taber’s “Drop Box” located at the front doors of the Administration Office located at 4900B – 50th Street, Taber, AB.     
  • Payments can be mailed to Municipal District of Taber, 4900B – 50th Street, Taber, AB, T1G 1T2 
  • The Municipal District of Taber is now able to accept credit card payments for property taxes, utilities, and accounts receivable invoices through a service called “OptionPay”. “OptionPay” is a user-based fee payment system, which charges an automatic fee to the user based on the value of the transaction.
    Link: MD of Taber OptionPay Site

*For additional information about using the “OptionPay” service and the associated fees call the Administration office at 403-223-3541. 

  • Property Tax and Utility Accounts are payable in person at most financial institutions or through online and telephone banking. 


Currently the Municipal District of Taber has only one Payee ID/Biller ID set up with each financial institution. The same Payee ID/Biller ID is used for Property Tax payments and Utility payments

The Payee ID for payments made to the Municipal District of Taber through your Financial Institution appear

Financial Institution
Payee ID/Biller ID Name Appears As
Payee ID/Biller ID #
ATB FinancialMunicipal District of Taber
RBCTaber (Municipal District) - Prop Tx009002
ScotiabankMunicipal District Taber Taxes0569
Credit UnionTaber, Munic Dist3377
CIBCTaber (Municipal District) Tax6473
Bank of MontrealTaber Municipal District22009575
TD TrustTaber (Municipal District of) taxes8459

Account Numbers may require that they be 10 digits in length. Utility Accounts may require that you enter “0’s” (zeros) prior to your account number to be accepted.

Assistance with payments is available by calling (403) 223-3541

Accounts Payable

All products and services that the municipality purchases, eventually reach corporate services when the invoice arrives. Corporate services is responsible for ensuring these invoices are correct, have the appropriate approval, and that the goods and services have been received, in accordance with the municipality’s procurement policy.

 Corporate Services also make sure municipal funds are spent appropriately, responsibly, and according to budget. In addition to products and services received directly by the municipality, the Corporate Services Department is responsible for ensuring requisitions are paid out appropriately.

Grant Applications

One of the municipality's revenue sources comes from other levels of government in the form of grants. The Corporate Services Department is tasked with applying for, managing, and reporting on the use of all grant funds.


Each year the Corporate Services Department, in cooperation municipal departments and with council, reviews the expected revenues and expenses for each department in the municipality. From there, the council approves the municipal budget and a three year operating plan to provide an overview of the operating activities of the municipality for the upcoming years. This ensures that the municipality is not only prepared for projected activities and service levels, but that the costs of these activities are planned in a fiscally responsible manner. The result is a greater level of stability of tax rates over the next four years.

 Part of the budgeting process also includes investing for long term capital equipment replacement so the money needed for tomorrow is available.

Financial Reporting

As public institutions must be accountable to the public, local governments need to be transparent in their operations and financial expenditures. The Corporate Services Department is responsible for drafting annual reports, organizing auditors, and liaising with external auditors during the audit process.

You can view financial statements on the Financial Statements and Reporting Page . If you require a prior year that is not listed, contact the department.

Tangible Capital Assets

As a part of the financial reporting process, the Government of Alberta requires municipalities to report on all tangible capital assets, and account for their deprecation, appreciations, added value, and write-offs so a better understanding of the future financial requirements can be achieved.


Corporate Services staff also serve as the front line to public inquiries, directing calls, answering emails, and taking payments. When you call the Municipal District of Taber, your call is normally answered by a corporate services team member.