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Alternative Energy

Energy has been a driving industry for the M.D. of Taber. When the area was originally settled, there were a number of coal mining companies in the vicinity. Coal mining dropped dramatically in the 1920s. Oil was first discovered in the area in 1937. Since then this sector has embedded itself as a core economic provider within the municipality. 

Solar Power


There has been some recent interest in solar projects within the MD of Taber due to the amount of sunlight the region gets.  Not only is the amount of sunlight good for just farmers!

Sunlight Density

Wind Power


Wind energy has emerged as an alternate industry in the M.D. of Taber. Two projects currently exist in the municipality:

Chin Chute Wind Farm: The initial investment in this project was $60 million. It was completed in 2006 and consists of 20 turbines with the capacity to generate 30 MW of electricity. The Project is owned by Enbridge Wind Power General Partnership (Enbridge), Acciona Wind Energy Canada Inc. (Acciona), and Suncor Energy Products Inc. (Suncor). The Project is operated by Acciona (Facility Operator). 

 Taber Wind Farm: Owned and operated by ENMAX Energy, the Taber Wind Farm consists of 37 Enercon E-70 Wind Turbines, each having a power output of 2.3MW. It has a total capacity of approximately 81MW. All of the energy generated for the next 20 years is already purchased by the City of Calgary.