Tree Services

Trees are an important part of the landscape within our municipality, whether they are on private property, in our communities, or in the open country. The Agricultural Service Board recognizes the importance of trees and provides tree-related services to residents to help maintain this valuable resource. These services follow the life-cycle of the tree, starting with planting young trees in the spring and ending with cutting and removing mature trees throughout the winter. Here are some of the services that are provided to the municipality and its residents:


The Ag Service Board maintains several small tree nurseries throughout the MD. Early in the spring, we plant small, young trees in these nurseries and provide care for them throughout the season. A variety of trees are grown, including spruce, pine, poplar, elm, ash, and fruit trees. Within a few years, these small trees have grown enough to be transplanted. Using specialized equipment, we are able to move these trees and plant them in our communities in the parks and recreation areas to help beautify the landscape. Ag Service Board staff will care for these trees as they become established in their new homes by watering, pruning, and monitoring for disease and insect problems. The Ag Service Board can also suggest places for residents to get their own trees, as well as give advice on which trees to plant and how to plant them. As well as these services, the Ag Service Board has tree planters available to rent to assist in planting shelterbelts or rows of trees.

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Throughout the summer months, the Ag Service Board provides services to residents by monitoring, identifying, and controlling diseases and insect pest problems in trees. Our staff regularly attend training courses to be up-to-date and proficient in diagnosing tree diseases and insects, and the best control methods for these. If you suspect there may be a problem with your trees, you can contact the Ag Service Board and a trained individual will come and inspect your trees, diagnose the problem, and if available, suggest or apply a control measure for the problem. Spray equipment is available to apply insecticides and fungicides to help with the management of the pest. The Ag Service Board also occasionally hosts workshops and seminars that help residents to learn more about tree care, pruning, diseases and more.

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Fall and Winter

As the weather turns colder, the Ag Service Board turns to tree pruning and removal. Again, our staff regularly attend training courses and are proficient at safe tree removal techniques. They will remove trees from ditches throughout the MD, making travel on our roads safer, especially at intersections. They can also remove trees from your yard if it is safe to do so. The wood from these cut trees is then used to supply firewood in the parks and campgrounds throughout the MD. The branches from the trees are chipped and the wood chips are supplied to residents in the municipality as well.

All of these services are provided to help maintain the valuable resource of trees in our municipality. If you have questions, or would like to request a tree-related service, please contact the Agricultural Service Board  403-223-8735

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