Development Notices

Notice is hereby given that the Development Authority of the M.D. of Taber has approved or refused the issuance of the following development permits:

Notice Area - Oldman River South (Taber Times)

Dated at Taber this 6th day of March 2019 

Status Permit Name Location Description
Approved 19-19 J. Peters Block 1 Plan 9811860 in NE 7-10-15-W4 Construct 35'x70' shop and construct 26'x30' roof over existing garage and lean-to
HO3-19 D. Bennett - NW 21-9-16-W4 - Portable welding
HO6-19 - L. Wilson - SE 7-10-18-W4 - Art & photo framing
HO8-19 - P. Karl - SE 21-9-16-W4 - Welding shop 
HO9-19 - Gemineu Welding - NE 11-11-17-W4 - Portable welding 
HO11-19 - J. Tajcnar - NW 22-8-15-W4 - Photography 
HO16-19 - B. Edwards - SW 21-9-16-W4 - Woodworking & upholstery 
HO38-19 - R. Gross - NW 21-9-16-W4 - Office only for construction business 
HO42-19 - A. Harding - NE 12-10-13-W4 - Horse breeding, riding lessons, pony parties 
HO43-19 - P. Fehr - NE 20-9-16-W4 - Sell used vehicles 
HO44-19 - B. Carswell - SW 36-9-17-W4 - Office only for consulting business 
HO46-19 - P. Klassen - NW 11-10-15-W4 - Off-site insulation business 
HO51-19 - A. Carignan - Grassy Lake - Massage therapy 
HO53-19 - R & A Geeraert - NW 17-10-16-W4 - Office only for construction business 
HO57-19 - J. Megyes - SE 35-9-16-W4 - Gunsmithing 
HO58-19 - R. Ohashi - SE 11-10-16-W4 - Off-site oilfield services 

Notice Area - Oldman River North (Vauxhall Advance)

Dated at Taber this 7th day of March 2019             

Status Permit  Name Location Description
Renewal HO10-19 C. Sander  NE 10-14-19-W4 Fabric sales & custom sewing 
Renewal HO14-19  P. Drew  SW 33-14-16-W4  Dog breeding & grooming 
Renewal HO24-19  C. Wesseling  SW 15-14-17-W4  Hair salon 
Renewal HO41-19  Copperfield Farms  NE 25-11-16-W4  Sell flat deck & utility trailers 
Renewal  HO48-19  S. Siemens  Parcel 277, Plan 958HX  Massage therapy 
The issuance or denial of the above mentioned permits are subject to appeal. If an appeal is to be lodged, it shall be received by the Development Appeal Board within 21 days from the date of this notice.  An appeal fee of $400.00 is applicable.


Our next meeting is Monday, March 25, 2019.
Development applications must be received by 12:00 noon on Thursday, March 21, 2019.