Development Notices

Notice is hereby given that the Development Authority of the M.D. of Taber has approved or refused the issuance of the following development permits:

Notice Area - Oldman River South (Taber Times)

Dated at Taber this 22nd day of May 2019 - No Permits Approved

Status Permit Name Location Description


Notice Area - Oldman River North (Vauxhall Advance)

Dated at Taber this 23rd day of May 2019             

Status Permit  Name Location Description
Approved 39-19  Corellian Energy Solutions NE 32-14-17-W4 Installation of solar panels on shop roof
Approved  40-19  King Arthur's Resort Lot 2 Block 2 Plan 1610559 in NE 30-12-16-W4  Construct 10 sheds
Approved   41-19 King Arthur's Resort Lot 2 Block 2 Plan 1610559 in NE 20-12-16-W4  Construct 20 decks 
Approved  42-19  J. Cazemier  Lot 6 Block 12 Plan 0814255 in Enchant Waiver of front yard setback for construction of 6'x42' deck 
The issuance or denial of the above mentioned permits are subject to appeal. If an appeal is to be lodged, it shall be received by the Development Appeal Board within 21 days from the date of this notice.  An appeal fee of $400.00 is applicable.

Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 12:00 noon is the deadline for receiving applications for the next Development Meeting.