About M.D. of Taber


Vision Statement:

The Municipal District of Taber will be a community based upon principles that include trust and integrity, social and cultural vitality and economic and environmental sustainability.


Mission Statement:

The Corporate Mission of the Municipal District of Taber is to provide excellence in governance and service that will promote a healthy, diverse and dynamic community.



The M.D. of Taber is located in south central Alberta neighbouring with 6 other rural municipalities.  Running east through the center of the municipalities is the Oldman River that joins with the Bow River at our east boundary.  The Bow River defines a majority of our north boundary and Chin Lakes as well as Chin Coullee defines the south. 

We have access to primary highways such as Highway 3, 36, and 25, as well as a number of secondaries that divide the M.D. of Taber proportionately.  These highways provide great access and routing to all major centres. View Municipal Affairs Location Profile (PDF) 

Please visit our Interactive Map Section to view the M.D. of Taber in Google Mapping Applications.


Municipal Profiles:

South Grow Regional Initiative

South Grow Regional Initiative Community Profile Sheet


Population & Statistics:

In May of 2013 we as a municipality conducted a Municipal Census to identify population, Location of residences, and age groups. 


Based on our census we have a total poulation as of May 15, 2013 of 7,116 people.

Municipal Affairs Statistical Profile (PDF) also available. 


We have completed a number of additional summaries to help better understand the results.


Rural Summary:

Population Excluding Hamlets Listed Below Total: 5,730 People


Hamlets Summary:

Hamlet Location Description Population
Grassy Lake On Highway 3, 2.5 miles from the East Boundary


Hays Intersection of Highway 875 and 524


Enchant Along Highway 526 in the NW corner of the M.D. 289
Johnson's Addition Adjacent to the west side of the Town of Taber 115
Purple Springs On Highway 3 approx. 10 miles East of Taber


  Total Hamlets Population: 1386

Age Group Summary:

We have been able to identify the percentages of our population that are in the different age groups.  These stats help to identify some of the needs in our communities in order to best manage our efforts. 



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