Administration Department

The administration of the Municipal District of Taber would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting this section of our website. Our goal is to provide key information related to administration at the M.D. of Taber.

Taxation Information
Combined property tax/assessment notices are sent out by June 30 of each year. Current property taxes are due by November 15 after which a 5% penalty is applied to current year taxes. All unpaid property taxes are due December 31, after this date a second penalty of 12% will be applied to any unpaid property taxes.

Property taxes can be paid using 1 of these 3 methods

  1. In person at the Main Office at 4900B-50th Street, Taber, Alberta
  2. By mail to Municipal District of Taber, 4900B-50th Street, Taber, Alberta, T1G 1T2
  3. Inquiring with your Financial Institution
Municipal District of Taber Mill Rates
Year Residential Non-Residential Farmland Machinery and Equipment
2012 2.6633 6.9632 6.0633 6.9632
2013 3.4039 7.8579 6.8039 7.8579
2014 3.4039 8.0084 6.8039 8.0084
2015 3.4039 8.0084 7.0080 8.0084
2016 3.4550 8.2084 7.1131 8.2084
2017 3.5241
8.4547 7.2554 8.4547
Property Tax Sources 2017
Financial Statements
All financial statements are available to the general public immediately after third party audits are complete.  A printed copy of the statement is available at our main office front desk.
Expenditures By Department 2017scaled
Property Tax Uses 2017